Website Management

Website Management

The ebb & tide team has a long history of providing outstanding services to all of its clients. We go the extra mile to make sure that once the website has been designed and is “live,” that the site accomplishes all of the goals we have set out for it to do. One of the ways we oversee the effectiveness of the site is by website and content management. A dynamic and consistently updated website delivers successful results.

ebb & tide is proud to provide its clients with a complete, user-friendly Content Management System which empowers businesses to manage their own content on their site. This means that uploading new images and photos, blog posts, products and services, and important announcements can easily be added by any of your staff through a series of several simple steps.

When time is of the essence, it is important for businesses to be able to make quick edits to their site without having to contact a third party to upload critical information. Emergency closings, inclement weather announcements, adding a staff member bio, or posting a brand-new product’s availability are all the types of information that a business owner may want to have the ability to post independently, without calling in their website design team.

However, you also have the ability to “have it both ways,” so, we also offer a “worry-free” package that includes a comprehensive range of website maintenance services which will keep your website updated, fresh, and new. And, if you do not have the staff—or the desire—to manage your website changes and edits yourself, our team can do that for you as well. If you choose a worry-free website maintenance package, rest assured, the desired changes to your website will be of the highest priority to our staff here at ebb & tide.

Search engines pick up on websites that are updated often with new and changing information. Let us provide blog content and then post it for you at the frequency that you choose in order to raise your visibility through search engines like Google. You can send us content, or our content specialists can write it for you. Once approved, we will upload it to your site, providing your website with the fresh and interesting content it needs for SEO, as well as to share on social media channels.

And, we offer much more in our website maintenance plans than just edits and new uploads. We will also continually monitor your site to ensure it remains safe and secure for your company as well as for your customers. We will manage backing-up your website so that the information is always available and so that you will never lose any important data.

A good website is a critical component of doing a robust business on the internet. As your engagement increases, your conversions will increase as well, leading to a growth in sales. Perhaps you will decide to offer a new product or service. Maybe you will expand your team of employees. There may be a new form you wish to add to your website; or an intranet feature which will provide a secure place for your staff to log in and share corporate information. Our team at ebb & tide will be happy to discuss larger revisions to your website, help you understand what will be involved and how it will work, and then execute the plan to your complete satisfaction.

Our website maintenance services team supports your business in all aspects related to keeping your website updated and your business running smoothly. Our professional team makes revisions to your site, handles back-ups, monitors your site, and keeps it secure. We can also add new pages, sections, or forms as requested. We ensure that everything runs seamlessly so that you have time to do what you do best…run your business!