SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that search engines make up 93% of all website traffic, and that websites properly optimized for SEO have a 14.6% conversion rate compared to a 1.7% conversion rate of cold-calling? This is an important component of a successful digital presence, but how do you get there? Enter our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists to the rescue!

It’s not a secret that your website is your key channel for marketing your business online. But how do you get prospective customers to find your website? Our effective SEO team stays at the forefront of trends and changes that affect SEO such as the ever-morphing Google algorithms to ensure the best search results for your website.

Everyone touts the phrase “content is king” – but few know how to marry the right key word phrases to boost your organic searchability with eloquently written copy that maintains the voice of your brand and communicates your messages effectively...that is what our experienced SEO content developers are skilled at delivering.

Beyond content alone, there is an entire range of other elements that also make an impact on improving the visibility of a website in search engines via the "natural" or unpaid "organic" search results – such as metadata, alt text, descriptions, sitemap, anchor text links, and more. We take everything into account when it comes to organic search because studies show that organic SEO is 5-6 times better than paid advertisements at locking in customers. Increasing organic traffic using directory listings beyond your website is another tactic to drive “organic” traffic to your site. We adhere to all SEO guidelines and post testimonials from your clients to be picked up by the major search engines.

Blogging to Boost SEO

A blog serves several purposes, it provides valuable information regarding your industry, it helps establish your authority and expertise in a particular area, it can draw new visitors to your site, and it helps to develop relevant anchor text links, which are vital for SEO. The content writers at ebb & tide have developed hundreds of blogs for clients and they are standing by to consult with you or support your business through blog strategies, original articles, tags and topics, photos and videos, editorial calendars, and more to make your blog a success while continually adding fresh copy to your website which helps to boost your website’s SEO.

In a sense, our SEO specialists are doing two jobs at once. They are both a search marketing consultant and a content marketing consultant. At ebb & tide, part of this service includes: building backlink profiles, creating content marketing strategies, reviewing analytics, and tracking results.

We touched on some of the areas a consultant can specialize in above, but now let’s take a look at some of the custom projects that may require a search marketing consultant.

International SEO

As a company grows, so too does its audience, so international SEO is a valuable tool when designed properly by your SEO marketing experts. Businesses that wish to spread out internationally need to be visible to a widespread audience. This can mean restructuring your SEO efforts to include multinational and/or multiregional SEO.

The digital marketing consultants at ebb and tide intimately know all of the nuances of international SEO strategies and can optimize website content for various languages and geographic areas. They can also help you pivot to using Facebook and Amazon internationally. “Going global” is a big deal. Make sure you have an expert’s support to do it right!

If you wish to grow your company at a faster rate and have the resources lined up to do it, enlisting the help of a team of consultants from a reputable digital marketing consulting firm will help you achieve your goals. The SEO experts at ebb and tide will build a bridge between your business and your potential customers via online platforms. The investment you make in an experienced search engine optimization specialist will get you results and move your company in the right direction.