Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Historically, reputation was largely formed by word of mouth, however, today it’s all about Google searches, online reviews, and social mentions. With today’s expanding online culture, your business’s reputation is at stake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By cultivating and managing a positive reputation on the internet, your company will better be able to compete and succeed.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the influencing and controlling of a company’s reputation, throughout all types of media. Because the virtual world has such a “viral” impact on any type of news--whether it’s good or bad--search results are an integral component of an individual’s or company’s reputation.

The growth of the internet and of social media has made Online Reputation Management necessary because it focuses on the management of website search results which can ultimately define a “reputation,” like it or not!

Online reputation management focuses on managing the search results of particular individuals or companies within the digital space. Many online businesses such as Amazon have ORM systems in order to control and minimize possible reputation threats and misuses.
Maintaining a positive online reputation is challenging, but an expert in online management will monitor, influence and manage the comments and posts about a business online. There is an exponentially-growing volume of activity on every business imaginable through websites, social media platforms, online forums, and every digital channel available.

The typical consumer has the ability to mold a company’s reputation by providing feedback and comments online. This shift to consumer-generated content along with the high demand for business transparency today creates an essential demand to monitor and manage your company’s online reputation.

When incorporated as part of a greater digital marketing strategy, reputation management also encompasses business listings, digital advertising, social media management, SEO, and review management.

Without a positive online reputation, people just won’t trust you enough to buy from you. However, it takes time to build that positive reputation—so a proactive method of monitoring is essential. When negative reviews appear online, it’s critical to be aware of them and to have a prepared action plan or strategy as to how to respond and handle them.

There are several methods of monitoring you should be aware of:

Review Monitoring

Websites for business reviews, like Google, need constant monitoring in order to effectively manage your company’s reputation. Not only can you confront and manage negative commends and feedback, but you can also glean insights and opportunities from positive feedback, as well.

Review Respons

Engaging with customers who post a review will benefit your brand greatly and create a positive relationship with that customer. When dealing with negative reviews, your answer must speak not only to the unhappy customer, but also to the masses who are reading the reviews. These people may be potential clients, so answer wisely!

Social Monitoring

Your reputation management company will monitor your social media platforms to see what your audience is saying about you—as well as your competitors. This area may be one of the most important areas to monitor because there is so much social media activity online.
Social media monitoring will also help you to better understand your customers and their needs. It can help you develop an appropriate marketing strategy, introduce you to new trends, and build positive relationships.

Mention Monitoring

Brand-related mentions can happen in any online area including blogs, news websites, and listings. Even platforms that you are not necessarily a member of! Again, monitoring any type of mention can help keep you informed of new products, key information, and keep you “in the know” about what your competitors are doing!