Our presentation experts commit to getting to know your preference and style. We match your requirements to the right level of formatting to quickly and efficiently get you what you need. From PowerPoint and beyond, our presentation design experts are trained in the latest technology and applications to create stunning displays that tell your story, featuring your brand.

Our presentation development services include:

  • Fast turnaround
  • On-time delivery
  • Favorable pricing

Content & Design

Making a good presentation starts with crafting the content. No matter how compelling your message is, if you don’t get it out of your brain and on to the screen in a simple and understandable format, you’ll be met with confusion and blank faces.

ebb & tide works with you to develop engaging and interesting presentations that fit your business style and identity. We help you to create a structure that includes an introduction, body content, and conclusion.

Is the content light and easy to digest? Or is it a bit more complicated? What type of speaker are you? Are you comfortable ad-libbing or do you prefer to read along with a script? We work to develop a presentation that fits your own unique style. You may want just a few slides to speak about, or you may want more slides with the intention on moving quickly through them. We will understand your presentation and help you determine how best to manage it.

We design slides with the mindset that “less is more.” By highlighting key points on each slide, your audience will follow along while they are listening to you and your impactful comments. Too much information on each slide results in your audience just reading the screen. Information is retained better when presented in smaller segments.

Great images are key. We will find the best images that fit the mood and style of the presentation while helping to drive your point home. We’ll also develop an attractive color palette providing a consistent look and feel. Our designers will ensure that the fonts will be clear and readable, text aligned and neat, and graphics will be clear and sharp.

How you deliver your slides is as important as their content and design, so ask a colleague to give you feedback on a practice run of your presentation.

Here are some quick pointers to help you get your message across with impact.

1. Introduce your presentation with a strong, interesting or humorous opening.
2. Use a rhetorical question to frame the thought of the presentation and engage the audience.
3. Tailor your presentation specifically to your audience. Are you speaking to a classroom or a conference room? Is it a club in which all members have a common interest? Starting off on common ground creates relevancy and relationship.
4. Be authentic and speak from the heart. It’s the surest way to capture their attention.
5. Relax and don’t worry about little mistakes. Embrace them and you’ll endear yourself to your audience.
6. Use material judiciously. Some anecdotes may work better than others, depending upon the crowd. Don’t be afraid of adding something that may resonate better with your audience, or removing a piece that may not!
7. Keep a timer so that you stay on your subject and are respectful of your audience’s schedules. Be sure to practice your presentation before-hand so that you are comfortable with your timeframe.
8. Leave your audience with a powerful and emotional takeaway. Your core message and call to action should be impactful and intentional.

At ebb & tide, we don’t just create presentation, we collaborate with our clients to create the best presentation experience possible that will create a positive impact with your audience!

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we want to make each picture worth double that! Commercial photography will make your brand shine with a unique and tailored creative look that tells your story.

High-quality visual content is essential for any effective digital marketing campaign. The sophisticated modern consumer expects to see what they are going to get, wear, taste and experience long before they will do so in person.

Snapshots share moments. Professional images convert users and sell products. Our experienced photographers and stylists not only have the latest camera gear and lighting equipment at their disposal, they have years of experience and know-how to refer to.