Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your clients and prospective customers, and grow your business with our email marketing solutions. We can help you create compelling marketing emails and target them to the right segments of your audiences. Email marketing enriches business communications and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Whether announcing a new product or service or incentivizing sales with a time-sensitive promotion we create campaigns that communicate your key messages and what your contacts are interested in -- in line with our customer-focused approach.

Another effective channel for Email Marketing is the deployment of an email newsletter. An e-newsletter is an important part of your overall social media strategy; content marketing is essentially about lead generation. Once people opt-in through your blog or Facebook Page, then you have permission to market to them. The best way to market is a content-driven approach through the vehicle of your newsletter.

5 reasons to distribute e-newsletters:

  1. Stay in touch with customers or prospective clients, keeping them up to date on new services and products. 
  2. Provide effective tools and information that your customers can use towards the success of their businesses 
  3. Strengthen your relationship with customers or clients – become the resource they turn to for assistance and service 
  4. Grab the attention of potential clients by encouraging sharing of your e-newsletter the newsletter with other businesses or their clients. 
  5. Provides a channel for creating a database to promote new services or products 


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