Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Stay connected with your clients and grow your business with ebb & tide’s email marketing solutions. We can help you create compelling marketing emails and target them to the right segments of your audience. Email marketing enriches business communications and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Whether announcing a new product or service or incentivizing sales with a time-sensitive promotion, we create campaigns that communicate your key messages with what your contacts are interested in through our customer-focused approach.

Email newsletters are an effective channel for marketing and can be an important part of your overall content marketing strategy to generate leads. When a potential customer opts-in to your blog or Facebook page, you have permission to market to them. A great way to implement a content-driven approach is by sending out a regular newsletter which willul:

  • Maintain a relationship with customers and keep them updated on new services and products
  • Provide information and ideas that your customers can use
  • Stay top-of-mind with your audience
  • Solidify your position as the expert in your field
  • Get the attention of potential clients with compelling and interesting articles

Another effective means of email communication is to create automated emails that are sent regularly and in a sequence. You will need a reliable email list which is segmented according to type of customer or interests. Then, you can send emails that pertain to your customer’s specific needs, which is an extremely effective way of reaching and retaining customers.

However, you may also need to consult with an email marketing specialist to know which email automation tools are right for you, how to track analytics, and to help determine a schedule for sending them.

This is especially important for an e-commerce company. Studies show that 40% of cart abandonment emails are opened, so creating a plan to follow up an abandoned cart with a reminder email may very well result in a click through and closed sale.

Timing of the email sending, bold calls to action, product reminders and engaging copy all have positive effects when done properly. The email marketing specialists at ebb & tide can help you harness the power of this results-oriented tool and drive more business to your site.

Email marketing delivers some of the highest returns on investment for a reasonable cost and is used by businesses of all sizes around the world. It’s one of the only media channels that consumers “ask” to receive, thus, email marketing can allow for much higher conversion rates because you are specifically targeting people with an interest in your brand.

Targeted messages are key and that’s what email marketing delivers that in both content and client. If you have a business in a certain area of the state, emails can be sent to a local demographic consistent with your audience. They can also be customized for people with specific interests and businesses, and are easy to share. Your audience can organically grow with the click of your customer’s “share” button!

The email marketing specialists at ebb & tide know how to segment data in order to send campaigns to the most relevant audience. We can also help cultivate a strong likelihood of impulse buying with a solid call to action and link that goes straight to your shopping cart. Email newsletters can drive sales quickly and directly!

We will help you monitor the effectiveness of your campaign and make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to increase sales even more. Our process allows us to track open, click- throughs, and conversions; and we can make changes on the fly where needed.

When you need the instant impact and messaging that can be accessed from around the world, call ebb & tide for a powerfully-designed strategic plan for your email campaign!