Automation & Integration

Website integration allows important order information, financial data, and analytical statistics from your website to be extracted, shared or downloaded between applications or other platforms. This can be essential in helping your company to lower costs, save time, and mitigate the risk of data entry errors and miscommunication. Website automation enables your administration, budgeting, and financial teams to have the ability to work together with the same information and avoids the need for your staff to re-input data.

As you may know, plugins are available for e-commerce, SEO management, and many other operations that require communication between compatible platforms. However, what happens if you have a unique scenario or requirement in your business model that these plugins don’t specifically address?

Well, this happens very often, because many times plugins do not suit a business’s particular needs. Simply put, your business may require a custom-designed software solution that creates the functions your website and your company need to function at optimal levels and to meet your strategic goals.

Each case is unique, but there are many ways that website integration can help your business. Here are several examples of potential situations which may entail considering custom integration design:

  1. You may need data, lists, and spreadsheets connected in a way that automatically updates all platforms when data on a single component is revised. For example, your staff member updates a spreadsheet and then those updates appear throughout the other related platforms, spreadsheets, and databases.
  2. Data needs to be presented to the client in an attractive format from a database that does not offer a compelling charts and graphs design feature. By integrating the database with a program like Excel, readable and understandable data or pivot charts can be presented to the delight of your client.
  3. You need a specific pathway designed among your website and associated platforms so that your users or your staff can submit information via your website to particular areas of your business.
  4. In order to increase conversions and sales, you want to automatically connect with your clients as soon as they engage on your website with a chatbot or engaging email offering more services and information.

Customer integration begins online, and web applications are crucial in generating revenue. As you can see, custom integrations are great options--providing opportunity to help your business integrate your website, software, systems or platforms with each other according to your unique needs and specifications.

At ebb & tide, our skilled developers will meet with key employees in your organization, review and document your website architecture, evaluate your needs by understanding your business and strategic goals, and then create the code needed for the specific website integration that will help you meet those goals and increase productivity. We can add new functionality to your website and find ways to export and share data from your website across other platforms using a universal format.

A properly built customized website automation solution is almost “invisible.” The beauty of this is that your clients and staff will barely realize it’s there while they are enjoying using its functionality. However, a fully automated website is busy working behind the scenes, replacing manual processes in your business and saving you hours of employee time in data entry as well as costly mistakes.

Once you automate one manual process, you may very well find others that are conducive to website automation and integration among platforms. Your staff will be pleased that repetitive tasks like manual data entry and double-checking for errors and content updates have been eliminated. When you see the return on your investment through more productivity and long-term cost savings, ebb & tide will be here to help you with your next project as well!