Promote sales, special offers, events and more.

Flyers services

Flyers are similar to brochures, but a lot less complicated and don’t have to be professionally designed. Remember why you’re creating a flyer in the first place, and use a design that supports that purpose. Flyers are good marketing tools for promoting events, announcing sales and grand openings, offering discounts and more.

A flyer is only one page, so simple and brief is key. It is a call to action, so make it stand out. Be clear and concise in your information. Consider adding an incentive for a discount if a customer presents the flyer upon checkout. Then track how many customers took advantage of the offer to measure the success of the campaign.

To develop the best possible print marketing collateral, use the same basic information but customize it for each particular piece. It’s good practice to integrate print and online collateral. Consistency is key.

Proofread everything. Before you print or use any marketing collateral, make sure that it is free of spelling and grammar errors. Carefully check phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information. Better yet, have someone else proof read it as well!

By developing print marketing materials with your brand in mind, you’ll develop an arsenal of marketing tools that are all integrated to attract customers and boost sales.